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Years to date to 2015:

I love your service and it has transformed me to a successful, discipline and patient trader. Best wishes for the New Year. – D

“I also agree that using BTT methods, whichever method, yields far greater results than other any other method I’ve seen. Thanks”- MD

I appreciate the service and continue to use the service for long time. Thank you for the great work- M

You have done it again! I would like to congratulate you on the excellent thoughts on where to buy XXX. Your thoughts were an excellent follow up after your description of the GAME PLAN which you sent to all subscribers on Sunday.-G

I want to thank you for your Daily Reports. They are outstanding!- M
thanks again for all you do. ur the best - T

Just wanted to tell you I was going through some of you old reports from the Summer of 2011 and found some great reading on your Back to Basics emails. Thought they are very interesting and are a great refresher. – D

Thank you much for education about Volume in yesterday’s report. This is better way of looking at volume and if you had not told us, I would not have realized. – J

Kudos for rolling out the Momentum Strategy. It adds tremendous value for me as a subscriber. – S

Thank you for providing your service – K

Keep up the good work!-S

The new MS strategy, the updates on valuations and the explanation of contingent trades is GREAT!! Thanks! – T

Just renewed for another year. Thank you for your extraordinary service

I just made payment for another year of this great service. Please keep up the good work, and I hope the service continues. –J

I like your service and will continue to recommend BTT to others. – S

"As simple as your best trend systems seems, it took me about 8 months to get comfortable and find a rhythm to stop beating myself up over what I did and didn't do even though I had really good returns. My broker @ XXXXXXX recently told me my return for this year far exceeds any other client. At a graduation I recently met a hedge fund manager who felt good about his 2% gain this year. Thank you again. You are the best thing that every happened to me as far as investing. By the way, I have referred you to several people, two of who I know have signed up..Thanks again"

“I came to your service only for your stock picks which are the best of the best. I was then pleasantly surprised to see all the free teaching you give at the start and then in your daily reports. Your teachings are very precious. I go through selected parts of your teachings every week. I know the words right away but it takes me a while to understand the wisdom and true meaning of your education.”

"Thanks again for your service. IMO you are giving it away for $500.
I have subscribed to a lot of pricier services and no one even comes close to matching your track record."

"Thanks for the great picks and your service. I pretty much stopped doing my daily market analysis since I subscribed to your service. (I used to look at the market, all the sectors, industry groups and the leading stocks) Since I know the entry and exit points I feel I don't need to look at the market on a daily basis. I hope your service is around for a long time as it is a lot less stressful way to invest."

“Thank you for all of the potential great trading opportunities that you have presented to us. You are very kind”

“I have been humming along with a few of your great stocks, with discipline and patience in mind. Thank you so much for the great stocks and the writings. I have learned how to be a very good trader from your writings. I really appreciate your service, hope that it continues for a long time”

"Thank you for a great service."

"Thanks for your excellent service. I can hardly wait till the next bull market shows up"

“What a great service! Thanks again, BTT”

“ as always...I'm glad your on my side!!”

“Thank you for your wonderful service, now’s the time to put it to good use!!”

“have a wonderful Easter and great weekend. Your the best!”

“Dear BTT, Thank you for your excellent service. You are very kind with your excellent suggestions and lists. And have a wonderful Easter”

“that was one great report..thanks”

"I want to wish the folks at BTT a Happy Thanksgiving! I am definitely thankful for your service."

"I would also like to thank you for the outstanding subscription which is far better than anything else I have ever encountered and enables me to make money."

"Also, thank you for a concise, accurate, workable service that is extremely profitable."

"Your service is the best of the best. I'm fortunate in being a subscriber of yours. My worry is that you might discontinue your service"

"Thanks so much for this trading strategy."

"I want to thank you again for your service. I had my best year after 1999 in 2007 and I attribute it to the outstanding names your service comes up with."

"I really enjoy the BTT service."

"Thanks for your excellent work"

"I really appreciate your excellent service!"

"Wow. Very impressive results. Thanks, BTT."

"What do I need to do to continue my Annual subscription? I appreciate the service!!!"

"I think this is a GREAT service. I am thrilled that you will apply my first quarter's payment to an annual subscription per the terms below. Please invoice me the remaining $325 for the balance of the annual subscription."

"Since I started, I have taken positions in the less expensive recommendations. The gains have been good, and I'm pleased.”

"It would really please me if could learn the method(s) which you're using. I'm sure it would take time and effort, but I'm game. Would you consider an apprentice? Please think it over and let me know."

"Thank you for making this change to give us broader insight into the best stocks, and for your excellent explanation of how we should make use of the expanded information. Keep up the good work."

"My brother-in-law is a subscriber to your service, has told me a little about it and has suggested that I should also subscribe."

“I have made more money in the market (thanks to your wonderful picks) in the last 2 months than in my day job”

“thank you Mr. BTT for allowing me in your stock selection letter.. I have grown as a trader in the past months, THANKYOU”

“Thank you so much. This is the kind of information that is very helpful.”

“your methodology is terrific overall and anything you'd like to contribute from any aspect of trading would be greatly appreciated.”

“Thank you again for your wonderful service. I have told numerous friends about it and I hope you have gotten some new subscribers from it.”

“Thank-you for the excellent advice.”

“I'm extremely pleased with your service. It's not only been very good for my account, but it's also taught me the real meaning of patience and self-discipline. I've learned so much, pyramiding, cycling, picking the best stocks. It's given me a much better understanding and appreciating to investing in general. Nothing short of a life changing event for me.”

“Thank you for all you do to help us with our stock investing. I have been so pleased and look forward to continuing for many years.”

“I love your service as it keeps emotions out of the equation.”

“As always, great commentary.”

"That is definitely an incredible idea to use with investing ! Wow. As always another A+ commentary."

“I would like to renew my subscription for an annual membership this time. Please let me know the fee and procedure. I am most pleased with the service and the first pick ,***, I invested in has done wonderfully well. I also enjoy the information you provide for being successful in the market. Thank you.”

"Just call me a BTT Disciple - :) As always, I look forward to all your commentaries and insights and try to read them many, many times."

"Glad to be BTT subscriber :) "

“First, I would like to thank you for your professional and rational manner. After being with you for awhile (and having much trading experience) I realize you are the real deal...again thank you!”

“Please bill me for another quarter. Your service rocks!!! I've not taken any trades yet, but the education I am receiving is more than worth the money. Also, I have witnessed first hand the kind of stellar results you method produces. Keep up the good work!”

“Thank you for making the investment process much easier. In prior years I would squander a lot of my gains trying to buy before the market started a cycle. This cycle I have kept myself out of trouble thanks to your daily emails.”

“Thanks for your valuable insight.”

2013, 2014, 2015:

“I have to start off and say this is my best year ever so far and it's not quite half way over” – June, 2015

“I read your reports every day and have seen my portfolio performance improved quite a bit since I subscribed.” – May 2015

“Thanks for the great picks. I just renewed for another year. Looking forward to a great 2015” – May 2015

“I have been a happy subscriber to BTT for 5 or 6 years and have been completely satisfied with you service” – January 2015

“Thank you for your extraordinary NGIs. You are very generous and helpful. BTT is one of a kind!” -  From a six year subscriber

“I appreciate and value your service” - October 2014

“I really like the system and choices and research you are doing” – September 2014

“Love the service” – August 2014

“ . .  . appreciate your awesome service.  After a triple digit 2013 I find myself up over 25 % in 2014.” – February 2014 and a seven year member
“Been with BTT since April of 2013 and I am now up a little more than 100% in the 10 month period. Very happy with BTT” - March 2014

“Thanks a lot for the great service” – March 2014 and a two year member

“Dear BTT, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What an amazing service that you provide!!! –February 2014 and a six year member

“ . . and by the way, I'm sure every BTT member appreciates your great service. I have been enjoying some good gains from XXXX, XXXX, and XX . . .  I think you have converted me into a better investor. I now trade much less frequently, study less charts, and have significantly better results. My only regret is I didn't subscribe earlier. Thanks again for the great service! -
Another satisfied subscriber 

“I want to thank you again for your service – it is GREAT!    The new NGI Service you added this year has significantly improved my investment results – THANK YOU!” –
a note from another satisfied subscriber.




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