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We believe that the best investing or trading strategy for the investor or trader is dependent on the Stage and Condition of the Best Trend Trades market. Many members will use strategies we provide in our educational series. Other members will use their own investing or trading strategies with the stocks suggested in our stock list.

Most of our members are investors and intermediate to long term traders. They are not day traders. We provide two basic strategies for their consideration and education. One is a simple core strategy and the other is our PGPG (Pyramiding to Greater Portfolio Gains) strategy. The PGPG strategy employs advanced trading techniques we discuss in detail to assist our members to learn how to best manage and maximize portfolio gains. How much greater can those gains be? An investment of $20,000 in 2008 in CLR would have profited by $71,000 (355%) using the PGPG strategy versus a profit of $28,000 (140%) using the Core strategy.

During bearish periods, or when our market suggests doing so, we recommend that conservative investing members go to cash. “Cash is King” is a strategy that we recommend to our customers when appropriate. During much of 2008 most of our members went to cash when our strategy suggested doing so after the spring cycle. We received many “thank you” and “great call” messages from members who had profited and then kept their profits from the spring of 2008 and from previous years as the markets crashed.

During weaker periods we provide the more aggressive trader with new stock ideas that meet specific criteria, as well as suggested shorter term strategies for their consideration and education.

In the Strategy section we will often review additional ideas or strategies using the stocks on our lists to enhance the education for members that are interested.


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