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The Best Trend Trades Stock list is the current list of stocks provided for our member’s consideration.

When a stock from our Best Trend Trades Market meets additional criteria we then list it as a stock candidate on our lists for our member’s consideration. We strongly recommend that members do the appropriate due diligence for any stock they are considering as an investment or trade.

We provide a Buy point for our members when we list a stock. When it is appropriate we provide an Exit point for our members. In the examples section, which provides past examples of some stocks that met all the Best Trend Trades criteria, the computed profits are from our Buy point to our suggested Exit points.

Our Exit points are normally well below the current price. In most cases, investors or traders who wait to sell shares at our Exit point will be doing so at prices that are 20% to 30% lower than the highest price the stock attains. The results we post are for gains between our Buy and our Exit point. For many of our members, their gains will often be substantially higher.

If we decide to add a stock to our lists during the trading day we send out a message during the day.