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The Best Trend Trades Market is part of the Daily Report sent out to Best Trend Trades members.

There is a time to be in the market and there is a time to be out of the market. There are investing and trading strategies which are appropriate for the condition and position of the market.

One of the discoveries made over many years of study found that a market consisting of stocks which met specific criteria provided a much better means of determining when to be in the market and what investing strategies should be used. We named our special market of stocks the Best Trend Trades Market.

The Best Trend Trades Market is comprised of a limited number of companies that meet our proprietary criteria. At this moment the number of companies in our market is 265. Every week we review all the companies in our database (over 5000) and add new candidates to our Best Trend Trades Market when appropriate. We will also remove stocks from our Best Trend Trades Market when they fail to meet important standards.

The Best Trend Trades Market has two very important roles. The first crucial role it plays is to tell us when to invest. The second crucial role tells us which investing or trading strategy is best suited for the condition or phase of our market.

As the Best Trend Trades market moves up or down through its Stages our members are provided with ideas on how best to use their funds as investors or traders.

Another important discovery we made was finding that the stocks from our market which had the greatest appreciation had a number of similar characteristics. They all met the criteria we required to be included in our Best Trend Trades market as well as other crucial criteria we have found to be very important.

When a stock in our Best Trend Trades market meets all of the additional criteria it becomes a candidate for the Best Trend Trades Stock List.


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