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The “Investor's Corner” is where we share with visitors to our website some thoughts and ideas that have been learned over many decades. We might post some thoughts a few times a week or only a few times every month or so. We don’t have a set schedule for doing so and we won’t be archiving the information. So, if you are interested you’ll have to revisit the site or send us a request to forward new posts to you via email. Click on the “Contact Us” button in the upper right hand corner and just type in a simple “Please include me in your updates”. We will be happy to do so.

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"Knowledge is the antidote to fear". Ralph Waldo Emerson

Uncertainty, fears and worries about the economy, jobs, housing prices, and a list of other factors have caused many investors and traders to give up and walk away from the markets but this has been the case for decades. At Best Trend Trades our successful investors and traders look at this in a different way, in fact we welcome the opportunities that arise from uncertainty and fear.

Uncertainty + Fear = Opportunity or UFO's as we like to say.

To many investors it may appear at times that the markets actions are disorganized but that doesn't have to be the case.

What's the Most Important Thing to Know?

Investors need to have some place to start their analysis and history has proven that trading in harmony with the trend, while not guaranteeing profits, will substantially increase the probabilities for success. Not knowing what the trend is and fighting against it is going to produce a lot of losses. Knowing when a new trend may begin, especially after a period of weakness, is extremely important, in fact it's crucial. History has shown the biggest percentage of superior profit gains are attained in the leading stocks when positions are established just prior to the beginning of a new cycle or in the early weeks of a new cycle. This is when our Best Trend Trades "Window of Opportunity" begins to open.

The most important thing to know is whether the market (we use our own BTT Market) is exhibiting bullish signs and the earlier investors and traders know this the better prepared they are to take advantage of the situation.

What's the Most Important Decision to Make?

The most important decision the investor needs to make when our market and stocks are beginning to show bullish signs is deciding which stocks will be chosen for investing purposes and determining when it's time the entry. The goal for the investor is to be positioned in stocks which are going to move the soonest and move the furthest.

At Best Trend Trades we provide a list of stocks which have to meet very specific criteria before they are listed. These stocks have a history of doing very well. The list is small and focused on market leading companies.  The number of companies will vary as a result of economic, business and market cycles. It may range from as few as three or four stocks up to as high as thirty.  

Gerald Loeb and dozens of other great and successful investors and traders have said concentration creates wealth. When there is only a small list of candidates identifying which three or four are their best choices isn't very difficult.  Our daily reports provide additional information to assist members in determining which will be their favorites. Picking a leader early on and using advanced money management techniques could materially change an investor's life.

Purchases of the investor's "best ideas" may be considered when all four rules of the Best Trend Trades Buying Disciplines are met.  

The Best Trend Trades Six Step Method

Step One - The BTT Stock List

The method begins with investors focusing only on BTT stock candidates. The BTT Six Step Method was designed around using stocks chosen by BTT using a proprietary method. There aren't many stocks members will follow, usually from as few as three or four up to twenty or thirty. As our BTT market strengthens the number of stocks will rise.

Step Two - Due Diligence

Annual members may develop checklists, using ideas learned from educational material provided to annual subscribers to assist in identifying which companies from our list the investor/trader favors as their "best ideas". A wide range of additional information is provided in our daily reports to assist members in staying abreast of what's happening with companies that are on our lists, to assist them in knowing all they can about the companies they'll favor.   

Step Three - The BTT Market

Members will consider initiating their initial probes or tests in their "best ideas" based on the position and condition of the BTT Market which BTT discusses nearly every day. The most profitable opportunities usually occur early, when a BTT Window of Opportunity begins to open.

Step Four - When and Where to Buy

Members will identify when and where they will make a purchase. At times purchases will be at or near suggested buy points. Other times they may consider making purchases at other buy points, using checklists and other educational material we provide to Annual members.  Potential other buying areas are often discussed in our daily reports, using charts and valuations.

Step Five - Valuation Parameters

The best time to buy a stock from our lists after all of the above steps are completed is when it offers a compelling valuation opportunity. Members may use their own methods for determining valuations or use ideas we provide in our educational material or in our reports.

The best purchases occur when prices are near or at UPP (undervalued pivot points).

Step Six - Managing the Trade/Investment

Members may use their own methods for managing a position or use one of the three BTT strategies. Educational material is offered for a Core Strategy: a Targeted Percentage Gain Strategy: and the advanced PGPG Strategy.

This and all information is issued solely for educational purposes and does not constitute an offer or suggestion to buy or an offer or suggestion to sell securities. Users should consult a licensed professional investment advisor before taking any actions. This publication, as well as any other publications or messages provided by Besttrendtrades, LLC., is for use only by customers of Besttrendtrades, LLC. Reproduction or dissemination in any manner, to anyone without the written permission of Besttrendtrades, LLC. is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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