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Best Trend Trades is a proprietary stock picking and trend trading methodology which:

1)  Identifies the Best Time to trade based on the position and condition of the Best Trend Trades Market.
2)  Identifies candidates that potentially will appreciate 50%, 100%, 200% and more. We are stock pickers looking to identify the best of the best, concentrating on finding compelling valuations with great growth opportunities which benefit by their exposure to important macroeconomic and business trends.

3)  Manages risk by maximizing returns while minimizing losses by identifying where to enter and exit these candidates.

4)  Provides appropriate strategies to maximize gains while minimizing losses based on the position and condition of the Best Trend Trades Market.

The Best Trend Trades methodology is a low risk strategy for investing in stocks offering potentially high gains. The rules we use are not very difficult to master and the average investor spends less than ten minutes a day managing their portfolio.

At Best Trend Trades we focus on trying to capture the most profitable portion of an intermediate to long term trend move. We are looking for the opportunity to participate in trend moves that will produce profits in excess of 50%. That is our goal.

We are not day traders, we are trend investors that look to hold most positions for period of time ranging from weeks to months. Best Trend Trades (BTT) is the methodology used by BESTTRENDTRADES,

This and all information is issued solely for educational purposes and does not constitute an offer or suggestion to buy or an offer or suggestion to sell securities. We are not a professionally licensed financial advisor and any decisions made by any current or prospective subscriber or reader should be discussed with a professionally licensed financial advisor.

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