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Most successful traders and investors know that to attain the greatest gains they need to identify the few companies whose stock prices will move the furthest and the fastest. Just as the greatest surfers search the world looking for the few monster waves which produce the greatest rides, we seek to find the few great stocks which we can ride for gains of 50%, 100%, 200% and more.

We concentrate on finding market leading companies with great growth opportunities which will benefit greatly by their exposure to important macroeconomic and business trends. Many are growth companies with new game changing ideas or disruptive technologies that can change the way we live, work or do business. These future leaders are creating important new markets or are by taking important market share from worthy competitors. Some of these companies will be well known to many investors while others are only known by professionals during their early stages of growth.

To attain the big gains which create wealth, our investors will:

  • Want to have positions in 2 to 4 of their best BTT performers every year.

  • Believe successful investing is about making large profits. It isn't about being right every time but making very large profits when the investor is right.

Experienced investors recognize the markets are full of risk, so to compensate for these risks they try to limit their buying to stocks which have the potential to double in a six to twelve month period. 

Making big gains requires buying at the right time and then holding shares in these leaders when the markets are good while limiting exposure when the markets are bad. 

A key factor in attaining big gains is keeping investing decisions simple. The deluge of information being dispersed by all the media will confuse investors, often leading to poor decisions. 

When the market is right, attaining the biggest gains means buying when the odds favor the biggest gains. Again, the best decisions and most rewarding ones are the simplest ones – buy the newly listed leading ideas near their listed prices and only sell when some simple rules suggest doing so.

New Growth Ideas List

Save Countless Hours Spent Researching and Looking for Ideas

While there are no guarantees where investing is concerned, the results below speak to the importance and potential gains that can be realized when focusing on a small list of market leading new growth names.

Rather than guessing what the future for the market and stocks will be in the coming months or letting emotions determine when to buy and sell, at Best Trend Trades we stick to a strategy of buying new NGI choices near the listed price and managing all positions using simple buy and selling rules.

How well as this worked out? Over 50% of the choices from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2014 have gained over 50% from the recommended buying price.  Over 30% gained more than 100%.

Current BTT Portfolio Top Performing New Growth Ideas – June 18, 2015

Company Name (Symbol)

Gains to Date 6/19/2015

Gains to Highs

Ambarella (AMBA)



Tesla (TSLA)



Acadia (ACAD)



Facebook (FB)



Skyworks (SWKS)



Palo Alto Networks



Taser (TASR)



Skechers (SKX)



Some Former BTT Portfolio New Growth Top Performers since 2013 – Gains computed from listed price to subsequent highs.

AEGR + 288%

YY + 264%

GMCR + 245%

QIHU + 236%

SLCA + 219%

UNXL +219%

YELP + 200%

BITA + 189%

XONE + 163%

MPEL + 161%

SNTS + 156%

KKD + 142%


“I have to start off and say this is my best year ever so far and it's not quite half way over” – June, 2015

“I read your reports every day and have seen my portfolio performance improved quite a bit since I subscribed.” – May 2015

“Thanks for the great picks. I just renewed for another year. Looking forward to a great 2015” – May 2015

“I have been a happy subscriber to BTT for 5 or 6 years and have been completely satisfied with you service” – January 2015

“Thank you for your extraordinary NGIs. You are very generous and helpful. BTT is one of a kind!” -  From a six year subscriber

“I appreciate and value your service” - October 2014

“I really like the system and choices and research you are doing” – September 2014

“Love the service” – August 2014

“ . .  . appreciate your awesome service.  After a triple digit 2013 I find myself up over 25 % in 2014.” – February 2014 and a seven year member
“Been with BTT since April of 2013 and I am now up a little more than 100% in the 10 month period. Very happy with BTT” - March 2014

“Thanks a lot for the great service” – March 2014 and a two year member

“Dear BTT, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What an amazing service that you provide!!! –February 2014 and a six year member

“ . . and by the way, I'm sure every BTT member appreciates your great service. I have been enjoying some good gains from XXXX, XXXX, and XX . . .  I think you have converted me into a better investor. I now trade much less frequently, study less charts, and have significantly better results. My only regret is I didn't subscribe earlier. Thanks again for the great service! -
Another satisfied subscriber 

“I want to thank you again for your service – it is GREAT!    The new NGI Service you added this year has significantly improved my investment results – THANK YOU!” –
a note from another satisfied subscriber.


Best Trend Trades Leader Stock List

It should go without saying that true market leaders will outperform the market and most other stocks by a large margin but true market leaders also will offer guidance to what is happening.

While many investors and traders believed the market were heading lower in January and early February, that’s not what the Best Trend Trades Leader List of stocks was suggesting.  They were bullish and moving higher. 

For investors focused on leading stock performance, it’s better to focus on a market of leading stocks than on a market mostly comprised of companies with at best average ability.

The average gain for the BTT Stock Leaders List as of June 19, 2015 was 378%. (Gains computed from recommended buying price through the close on 6/19/2015).

The average gain for the BTT Stock Leaders List YTD (2015) as of June 19, 2015 is 41.7%

Portfolio Management

Best Trend Trades is a lot more than a stock recommendation service. We understand the importance of other very important factors in the success of investing.

If the goal of the investor is to create wealth, then they have to know how to manage their portfolio to do so.

Focusing on the best stocks and holding them during the most profitable portion of an important trend move is one of the favorite methods of professional investors and traders for making large profits in the markets. The biggest gains normally occur in stocks the investor will hold for periods ranging from four months to a year or more.

To attain the largest gains, investors need Buy and Sell rules. How effectively and successfully one is able to trade and pyramid leaders will dictate the returns of 50%, 100% and much more. Again, keeping the buying and selling decisions simple can be attained by following simple rules.

One of the simplest rules involves buying at or near suggested or recommended buy points or buy areas. Selling decisions can be just as simple. For example, selling some shares in a strong moving BTT market leader when its price momentum slows can lock in good profits. In fact, knowing when there is a change in the momentum of a number of our leaders is often an early sign that stocks and the markets are due for a pull back. To what degree or for how long is not known. Investors don’t predict; they observe, interpret and then act if necessary.

Selling some shares when prices move to overvalued levels is another simple way to lock in big gains. Since few stocks move straight up, when they pullback to more favorable levels the intelligent investor can buy those shares back and some more.

By remaining focused on a leading BTT choice, the BTT investor is in a position to dramatically improve their profits when they compound their gains several times. 

A simple strategy works best if one is going to execute correctly on a consistent basis and the BTT strategies are simple to implement.  Complexity is the enemy of execution.

A long term subscriber with a CFA who has read, by their account, “several hundred books” recently said to us “none of the books has provided me with more practical education in how to make money on the stock market than has been provided by BTT. I congratulate you and I am so happy to be one of your subscribers.”


Windows of Opportunity

Miss the Best Times to Buy and You Miss the Big Gains

When a new bullish market cycle begins you want to be buying.  Important new bullish cycles don’t come around very often and when they do you want to be ready to begin buying stocks that have the potential for big gains.

The BTT Market Signal is a proprietary one and has an excellent record of identifying new bullish cycles. In an easy to read manner, we note when to expect one. 

Investors have the advantage of being able to sit in cash for as long as they desire. When the odds for wins are weak, investors can wait patiently until the odds for wins get better. The odds get better when a potential new Window of Opportunity begins.

When the Best Trend Trades Market begins moving forward from a nearly oversold or oversold condition, this is the signal that a potential new window of opportunity is beginning. On that day and the days and weeks that follow investors will begin to probe with their favored BTT choices. More aggressive investors will look to begin doing so on the day it occurs, while more conservative investors will wait before probing; looking for the confirmation signals which we discuss in our daily reports.

Buying newly listed stocks which meet our proprietary requirements as a potential new bullish cycle begins increases the odds for success.  Investors and traders who take advantage of this are much more likely to outperform those who are buying late in the cycle.  

The most recent signal to begin buying was on October 15, 2014.  In the following three weeks the average gain for the BTT New Growth Ideas was 23% and over 40% of the listed choices gained over 25%.

During most years there are usually two to four market signals and some of the most important ones signaled the beginning of the most important market rallies in the past six years.

In mid-November of 2012 our BTT market signaled a potential new Window of Opportunity was beginning. Since then the major indices have moved to new all-time highs and many BTT choices have moved up 100%, 200%, and more.

The same occurred in March of 2009 when the BTT market signaled a New Window of Opportunity and the end of the recession.  In the months that followed many of the BTT choices rose 100%, 200%, 300% and more.


Best Trend Trades Goal

The BESTTRENDTRADES, LLC goal is to provide investors and traders with a roadmap and the tools necessary to assist them in making educated decisions. There are a limited number of stocks which meet our criteria and our members want to have positions in some of our biggest winning stocks.

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